March 20, 2016

The Little Things of Customer Experience Count

I gotta share my morning experience, in an effort to illustrate the importance of customer experience to anyone who might, someday, interact with a customer.

I wake up and get online, doing my usual surfing over coffee. That...

March 15, 2016

I was born in that strange era where doctors believed that women didn’t know how to properly give birth. Even though they had been doing it just fine for thousands of years, there was this short period of a couple of decades, where medicine’s conventional wisdom was th...

March 10, 2016

Spinning Wheels

Have you ever been a part of a meeting like this one that I was asked to observe?

A group of diverse, talented, and smart individuals met to generate ideas for a product innovation. They were working on a big, complex set of issues with great potential im...

March 8, 2016

Fear is one of the most basic human emotions. It has contributed significantly to mankind’s survival. Without it, our ancestors would have all been eaten in the Stone Age.

Cronk:   “Hey, didn’t that saber-toothed cat just eat Grog?”

Thag:    “Yeah, but look how cute...

March 7, 2016

[Author's note: If you find listening to the Mission: Impossible theme music makes you feel like you can run through a brick wall, you can listen to it while you read. The old school version is at, while Moby's techno version...

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September 19, 2017

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