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Louis CK On Innovation

Louis CK on Innovation? Well, yes, in a sense...

This hilarious rant perfectly captures the dynamics of the Kano Model and the challenge of delivering great customer experience. No, seriously, it does. My favorite line (at least on that point): "How quickly the world OWES him something he knew existed only ten seconds ago!"

That's the nature of customer experience. Once people have had a taste for something great, amazing, and even miraculous, it very quickly becomes a minimum expectation. And keep in mind that those experiences translate across industries. If people have a great, amazing, and near-miraculous experience at their local pizza place, they'll wonder why they aren't getting such an experience at their big box appliance store.

A couple of side notes: 1) His shot at the "generation of spoiled idiots" is not directed at millennials only -- I'm an old man, and I catch myself cursing my cell phone for not sending signals to space and back fast enough; and 2) another non-innovation lesson to be drawn is that we could all be happier and less anxiety-laden if we stepped back and appreciated the wonders of all we have going for us in the modern world...but that's just me waxing philosophical.

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