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Shifting Your Mindset

One of the best people I've known at helping me identify and fix my mental ruts, Dr. Lyssa Menard, recently shared an article that captured some needed mindset shifts we all need to make, if we are to strategically innovate effectively.

In "5 Mindset Shifts That Are Needed For Success," the author elaborates on drive, focus, work ethic, self-awareness, and service (at least as I would call them), articulating their meaning, and dispelling some myths.

These mindset shifts are critical to innovation success. In a previous post, I've talked about "the grind," and how innovation doesn't just magically happen when an epiphany hits you while in the shower.

Another one of the five points, "focus," jumped out at me today. Something about focus not mentioned in this article has to do with focus's close cousin, "clarity." In order to be successful, you MUST have a clear conception of what success is. What it is for YOU, and not what you think it might mean for others. Then you can focus on the clear vision of that success.

Check out the comments on these and the other necessary mindset shifts. It's well worth the read.

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