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Sorry for the Delays!

Dear Subscribers,

Thank you for your interest in this blog, and in the innovation messages I am trying to spread!

You may have noticed a bit of a drop-off in the frequency of blog posts. Selfishly, I hope that you are disappointed because the content is so crazy valuable to you, you just can't get enough. Or at least I hope that it provides some relief from inbox overload.

I am in the home stretch of getting the revised and updated version of my book Keep Innovation Simple published...the official launch date will be announced soon.

That process is taking up most of my writing and editing time right now, so the blogs are fewer and farther between for the moment. In a few more weeks, we'll pick back up the pace.

Int he meantime, I would love to hear from you. Any questions, comments, feedback, insults, Brussels sprouts jokes or even compliments would be welcome! Just mail me at Brad@ If you inspire a blog post, I'll give you's that for motivation?!?

Happy innovating!


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