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Common Topics of Keynotes

  • The Myths (and the Realities) of Innovation

  • Leading Innovation Strategically

  • Organizational Cultures that Innovate (and How to Create Them)

  • Mission, Motivation, and Meaning

  • Leading the Change You Want

See Brad's presentation at an Innovation Conference held at the University of Michigan...the fouled-up beginning is 100% intentional, I swear!

What Clients are Saying

“We learned so much and have a foundation for going forward that is clearer than we've ever had.”

~Kim, Chief Operations Officer

“The variety of visuals, interactivity and stories really made if fun, presented with genuine enthusiasm, focused on learning and application…excellent preparation!”

~John, Strategic Planning Executive

“Honestly, prior to Brad’s talk, I only ever thought of guys like Henry Ford as "innovators." Brad boiled the big word "Innovator" down into a basic concept and outlined everyday applications.”

~Anonymous keynote attendee feedback

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