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Research shows that about 45% of people think in a mix of

words and pictures, 30% think almost exclusively in pictures, and

only about 25% of people think almost exclusively in words.

Words Words

Words Words

Words Words Words

Visual Thinking.jpg

Yet this is how we capture the thoughts

from our most important strategic meetings...

Going beyond just recording to fully leverage visual thinking - making connections, generating insights, and creating plans for future action.

Recording the proceedings of an event with images, rather than just words.

That's where

graphic facilitation and strategic storyboarding

come in...

Brad Barbera Graphic Facilitation Strategic Storyboarding Visual Thinking

75% of those who attend will have a more engaging and

lasting experience, delivering more value from your events!​

Words Words Words

Words Words

Words Words

  • Attendees are more focused and attentive when surrounded by relevant visuals

  • Hand-drawn pictures suggest "work-in-progress," drawing people in to the tasks at hand

  • Words used get fuller, richer meaning

  • insights, connections, and stories emerge from complex data and situations

  • the recorded output is more memorablE and Displayable

Examples of Concepts illustrated in storyboarded meetings...

Example Storyboard Wall
Example Storyboard Detail
Example Drivers vs Restrainers
Example Storyboarding Wall
Graphic Agenda

Agendas Come Alive

Example Ground Rules
Parking Lot Example_edited
Bright Smile
Executive Support
BHAG with Medal
Lack of Clarity
Moving Targets
How to Differentiate
How do you define success
Generic Map
Generic - Values
Generic -Drivers and Restrainers of Succ
Sufficient Resources
Spinning Globe
How to Differentiate
Success Breeds Compacency

Giving Richer Meaning to Words

Strong Leadership
Strategic Alignment
Organizational Misalignment
Political Headwinds
Risk Aversion
Evolving Strategies
Team Clan Tribe

Teams and Culture

What Clients ARE Saying...

"Brad knows how to make people listen and see. He turns run-of-the-mill business case stories into an engaging graphic phantasmagoria!"

~Michel, Director of International Sales

"at first I thought, 'who is this guy with the markers?'  Then I saw how the team really got into the discussion, and how much more we all participated"

~Anonymous Conference Feedback

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