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Brad Barbera

Innovator     Strategist     Author     Speaker

Visual Facilitator     Strategic Storyboarder

See Brad interviewed on the topic of keeping innovation simple, recorded ahead of his presentation at the Planisware International User Conference, San Francisco, 2016

Brad Barbera Keep Innovation Simple Lead with Clarity and Focus


Brad Barbera Keep Innovation Simple Paperback

Paperback Edition

Brad Barbera Keep Innovation Simple Kindle Amazon Lead with Clarity and Focus

Kindle Edition

 Just as you're thoroughly enjoying the wit and light-hearted prose, you realize he's exposed you to dozens of powerful innovation tools and concepts...that would have required dozens of boring books to conquer.

~Dan, President and CEO

Keep Innovation Simple is the most comprehensive book I've come across on the topic of innovation...

~Peggy, Northwestern University Professor

"One of those rare finds - well researched, chock full of very practical tools, and incredibly entertaining to read."

~Debra, Entrepreneur and Business Owner

I’ve read too many business books from authors who should be charged with manslaughter for boring their audience to death.  I am determined not to let this be another one.
Three things you need to know about this book:


Research shows that "simple rules tame complexity better than complex solutions.”*  So the book is based on simple rules, not complicated solutions.


If you are looking for something written like a congressional budget report, this book will NOT be for you. I think a little levity enrobing the solid structure of academic research is the spoonful of comedic sugar that helps the business medicine go down, to thoroughly mix my metaphors.  


This book kinda starts in the middle, and lets you work

your way outward from there. It'll tell you when there is

relevant material in other parts of the book to check out.

It's a resource that you can use as you see fit, not as

some know-it-all author thought you should.

*This quote comes from Stanford professor Kathleen Eisenhardt and MIT Sloan professor Donald Sull. You'll notice in the book that I have a bit of a footnote fetish.

Meet Brad


Simplifying Innovation through Clarity and Focus.

Love chaos. Hate confusion.

With a love for coffee and a disdain for Brussels sprouts, Brad has been bringing creative ideas to life professionally for three decades.

Brad by the numbers:


Thousands of people who have seen Brad present keynotes. From Berlin to Boston, from Vienna to Vancouver, Brad has entertained and enlightened audiences. He's even delivered a presentation in German.


Hundreds of products developed worth hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. If you stacked all the dollar bills earned by products that Brad has helped launch, they'd reach to...well, I don't know, but they'd reach really high.


Dozens of organizations - both businesses and nonprofits - that Brad has worked with to make them better innovators. I'd say scores, but so few people know what a score is anymore.


US Patents with Brad as an Inventor. Okay, admittedly, two are still applications, but they are two of the cooler inventions, so I'm going to go ahead and count them.


One book written. So far. But it's a real book, with 434 pages, 732 footnotes, 50+ innovation tools, and more Brussels sprout jokes than any other business book. Ever.

Brad Barbera Innovation Coffee Strategy Planning

“Brad's skillful facilitation led our team to new heights of creativity."

~Rebecca, Director of Product Development


“Incredibly organized. Energizing. Affirming."

~Steve, Vice President of Business Development

“Brad’s presentation was definitely one of the highlights of the summit.”

~Terry, Executive Innovation Summit Attendee

"Great insights on how to keep it simple...and a master showman."

~Bob, Senior Director of Strategy and Innovation

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