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Elite athletes at the highest levels study, practice, and train to make sure that they are always able to perform at their peak, individually and as a team.

So when the unexpected happens in a game, they are able to adjust and creatively execute - "in the zone." They flow together, knowing how each will accomplish their role.

The people in your organization need to study, practice, and train together to be able to function as an elite team that adjusts to the inevitable obstacles and changes they face.


Brad Barbera Training Program Workshop Development Process

Get oriented with the client, their industry, their perceived needs. Can I help?

Through observation and questioning, understand the Organization and it's culture, it's strengths, it's needs, and it's issues in a deeper way. Then, with the client, clearly define what needs to be be achieved. 

Identify options for delivering what needs to be achieved, and selecting with the client the options that will work best for them. Then rigorously plan the training to be executed. 

Execute the planned training, allowing for adjustments as deemed necessary. Training is never just a talking head at the front of the room, but an interactive dialogue with engaging and memorable activities that provide learning through experience and application.

Assess the effectiveness of the training, address any gaps, and set next steps to incorporate the training into the daily activities and behaviors of those who received the training.


Product Development Strategy

  • Fit NPD strategy and organizational culture

  • Strategic analysis framework

  • Degree of openness approach

  • NPD strategy classification

  • Platform theory and practice

  • Strategic roadmapping

  • Intellectual property strategy

  • Change management

NPD Management

  • Project portfolio management

  • Project processes – Phase/Gate, Lean, Agile

  • Measuring performance

  • Tracking and control systems

  • Goods versus services

Fuzzy Front End

  • Sources of information

  • Market research

  • Ideation

  • Marrying technology to market needs

  • Evaluation

Organization Management

  • Individuals

  • Project team structure

  • Corporate structure for Innovation

  • Managing across functions

  • Communication

Personal Management

  • Mindfulness for innovation

  • Rewiring your brain

  • Developing the habits of an innovator

Brad Barbera Innovation Training Workshops
  • Certified New Product Development Professional by Product Development and Management Association

  • Founding Member International Association of Innovation Professionals

  • Certified Double Goals Coach

  • Center for Creative Leadership LDP

  • Educet Leadership Effectiveness, Innovation and Creativity Certificate

  • Creator of Business Relationships for Technical Staff Course 

“We learned so much and have a foundation for going forward that is clearer than we've ever had.”

~Phillip, Platform Development Manager

"I have already recommended the material to others and have used much of what you taught at work, and at home, too. You should teach it again to other groups in the company!"

~Toni, Product Design and Development Manager

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